Venezuela, 17.

Glee, Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Fifth Harmony, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Mark Salling, Chord Overstreet, Demi Lovato
  • "I just had the same insecurities most teenagers would’ve had-I wanted to fit in and be well liked. I wanted to know who I was and what interests I had and what I wanted to do."

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  • Favorite outfits of: Lauren Jauregui

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  • I: Your fans are amazing. Every time I tweet something about you guys, they retweet it like crazy. How does it feel to have such supportive and amazing fans?

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    me parten el alma estas imágenes :c

    Que pena wn :cc

    Me muero si algun dia llego a ver a mi abuelito asi :c

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    #tbt to camren interactions on twitter (part 3)

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  • Morals in Pixar Films. 

    We all know Disney has a knack for including fantastic life lessons in their movies. Pixar has a extra special knack for making those lessons really hit home. In honor of the company, I chose my favorite moral from each of their films. These important messages are just some of many morals seen through out all of the Pixar movies. I hope you enjoy the ones I chose!

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    Internet fights.


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